Sweepers and Scrubbers

I42 Ride On Scrubber Dryer


at a glance

  • img LPG or battery electric scrubber dryer
  • img Large indoor/outdoor industrial applications
  • img Easy to use operation
  • img Concrete, Tiled

I42 Scrubber Dryer

Toyota Material Handling’s range of quality European made sweepers and scrubbers are an affordable option for anyone needing to clean an industrial or commercial environment. I42 Ride On Scrubber Dryer is a scrubber dryer in standard battery electric power and also available in LPG. Designed for the larger indoor and outdoor commercial and warehousing/industrial applications, the unit is heavy duty with large solution and recovery tank capacities allowing for longer run times. Their simple design and reliable quality means they are easy to use and their servicing and repairs are cost-effective. (Overseas model shown. For full Australian specifications please refer to product brochures supplied by TMHA or contact TMHA for more details).

great for these industries

  • img Transport / Freight / Distribution
  • img Manufacturing / Construction / Maintenance
  • img Home Improvement / Hardware
  • img Grocery / Markets / Grocery Distributuion
  • img Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • img General / Refrigerated Warehouse
  • img Computer / Electronics
  • img Packaging
  • img Third Party Logistics
  • img Paper / Publishing
  • img Landscaping / Nursery
  • img Retail / Department Stores
  • img Furniture
  • img Shipping / Container Handling
  • img Aviation

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